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Welcome to Garageland Promotions!

We are extremely pleased to announce that Garageland has found a permanent new home and is moving east to The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston.

It is nearly 8 years since throwing the first Garageland party at the Stag’s Head in May of 2011 and Garageland has always been free entry and not-for-profit.

Every month, on the second Friday of each month, Garageland will continue to showcase new, up and coming and established punk rock and garagepunk bands, with three bands playing live and dj's spinning early punk, garage punk and rock'n'roll on vinyl.

Thank you so much everyone for your continued support over the years and we look forward to bringing you another year of crazy, wild rock’n’roll parties!!



Atomic Suplex
More Kicks
Desperate Fün


The Shacklewell Arms
71 Shacklewell Ln,
London E8 2EB

Please come early. Bands from 8:30pm then DJs spin '77+ punk rock, snarling '60s garage and raw rock 'n' roll!!


"There is no way to accurately describe Atomic Suplex, though many have tried: rock and roll mayhem... loud, raucous, trashy, punky, rock and roll... like Guitar Wolf on mescaline... That might give you some idea.
If you want some raw, visceral rock'n'roll thrills this band comes highly recommended. Just prepare for the need to go and lie down in a darkened room after listening to them."


More Kicks is an explosion of pop melodies, jet-fuelled guitar riffs and shifting, sinewy rhythms.

The band arrived from nowhere – seemingly fully formed – at the end of 2017 on London’s garage scene. They immediately stood out a mile thanks to their unique mix of pop sensibilities, rhythm & blues bass and good-time powerpop drums.

Hidden away making loud music in tiny rooms, the trio (Sulli – vox/guitar; Marco – bass/vox; Kris – drums) had been busy cooking up a rare alchemy. The result: a two-and-a-half-minute More Kicks song can touch on classic 60s guitar pop, 70s NYC rock and roll, jagged 90s Britpop – all wrapped in a razor sharp bundle. A glance backwards and a decisive step forwards.

Listening to More Kicks is a lesson in economy of songwriting. How many hooks can you cram into one single?

Take debut single ‘It’s A Drag’ (recorded live in Blue Studios, Dalston – just one of the six songs recorded on that one Spring afternoon). There are girl-group backing vocals, at least three jagged guitar riffs, a shoutalong middle 8, lyrics that veer between hope and doomed romance – and enough energy to light up a city.

As a statement of intent, it’s unstoppable.

To see More Kicks live is to witness the power of the pop song. It’s a swerve into dark cellars and dive bars where the floors rattle and the walls sweat. The energy, verve and beating heart cannot be contained in these small rooms for much longer.

“One of the funny things about music is that it’s possible to be quite weird, subversive and brutal when you present things in, for example, an apparently cheerful, up-tempo way,” says Sulli. “I like sneaking things under the wire, kicking people in the face with our music, not giving anyone a chance to catch their breath.

“Having said that,” he concludes, “I just want to make people dance.”


Desperate Fün was formed in early 2017 and after a long period of silence, they roared back into the rehearsal room in 2018.

Their main inspiration is '77 Punk, “Killed By Death” style.
The band has been influenced by American, European and Australian "Minor Punk" bands, while always maintaining their originality and personality.

Desperate Fün's attitude is the same as original punk: fun, anger, frustration and - ça va sans le dir - despair, a concentrated mixture of self-irony and provocative spirit inspired by everyday existence.


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