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Welcome to Garageland Promotions!


FRIDAY the 11th of AUGUST 2017

Randy Savages
The Love Me Tenders
Das Clamps
Stix Champion and his Trophy Band

DJ Paula

8:00pm-12:00am. Please come early - the first band starts at 8:15pm sharp and live music finishes at 11pm!! Then DJs spinning '77+ punk rock, snarling '60s garage and raw rock 'n' roll til midnight!!...

(donations will be greatly appreciated & are needed - we'll pass a donation box!!)

Complimentary tortilla chips and homemade Mexican salsa for the Earlybirds!!

The Unicorn is situated on the junction of Brecknock and Camden Road. To get here you can take the 29, 279 or 253 buses from Camden Town station. Alternatively, it is a short 20 minute walk, directly up Camden Road to our location.

The Unicorn is in a residential area so please keep the noise down out front and please don't bring your own cans of beer. It is a lovely old pub with fairly priced drinks, and both the pub and Garageland depend on your patronage at the bar. Many thanks :)

Randy Savages

'Screeching out of a North London lock up on a stolen moped, Randy Savages are the missing link between cheap speed and Cheap Trick.

Made up of equal parts has beens and wannabes, they blur the lines between 70's punk and 70's glam with ALL feet stomping.

True to punks ultimate DIY ethic not only did they play, record and produce all the tracks on their debut recording - they built the studio in 2 disused shipping containers in a top secret Camden Town location which definitely isn't in guitarist Lloyd Loud's garden. Shhh.

On a mission to rid the current music scene of mediocre rock'n'roll clowns and punk rock clones Randy Savages are a truck load of aural viagra with more hooks than a St Trinians cloakroom.

Psyched up and spitting glass, Randy Savages are now taking bookings for 2017'

The Love Me Tenders

Tight but loose two piece, The Love Me Tenders, talk their way through a set of 60's punk garage rock n roll. Nasty riffs, mean beats.
www.facebook .com/thelovemetenders

Das Clamps

Two piece band in shape of clams doing Cramps songs, tunes that The Cramps loved and their own crampy songs.

Stix Champion and his Trophy Band

If you not the champion, you're the trophy, if you not the trophy you're the fan.

I have been in enough bands to now egotistically use my own name. I used to mainly beat the skins in Blacktime, Blood safari even played guitar and sang in Black Mamba Beat. However I am now a lot older and after a few DJ stints my ego has increased to create a band that centers around me. The Trophy Band that backs up the Stix Champion is interchangeable and consists of friends I deem fit to play in a band with me.
Yes, but what are the influences ? Well the influences are just having fun,skateboarding drinking beer and complaining about music. I'm not going to tell you how legendary punk band + legendary garage band = Stix Champion and his Trophy Band.. Come check it out and if you dig it cool, if not FUCK OFF!!!


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