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Welcome to Garageland Promotions!

Extremely pleased to announce that as of Friday January 12 (and every 2nd Friday of the month after) we will be at The Lock Tavern in Camden Town!


FRIDAY the 9th of FEBRUARY 2018

The Lock Tavern
35 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AJ London, United Kingdom

Lucy and the Rats + Rotten Foxes + Hygiene

DJs Las Titis & NixBeat!!

Please come early - the first band starts at 8:30pm sharp and live music finishes at 10:45pm!! Then DJs spinning '77+ punk rock, snarling '60s garage and raw rock 'n' roll til 1:00!!...

(donations will be greatly appreciated & are needed - we'll pass a donation box!!)

Lucy and the Rats

The Rats are Aussie punk rock legend Lucy Spazzy's new London backing outfit. According to a (sadly now deceased) witness, their sound comes across like a lab experiment gone wrong, the most delicate of hamsters being ravaged by the filthiest sewer rat whilst humming the sweetest of sweet melodies... Science gone, indeed, too far!! With Manu (Thee Tumbitas) on the drums, Joe (Johnny Throttle) and Mike (Animal Cannibal) on the twin guitar assault, you know these rodents are here to bite you. Here come the Rats!

Rotten Foxes

Brighton's Denim-clad HC sex objects.
Hot shorts containing hot guys.
Arrive, raise hell, leave.

London punx you know how they like to party!


Hygiene are a (post?)punk band from London.

In a time of intentional flubs and digitally rendered crap hole recordings, London's Hygiene seem to be the real deal as far as a proper punk band goes… at least in my book. The four seven inches they have fed to the world thus far have been nothing short of excellent. It's like they suck in the sounds from many of their country's musical geniuses from the past 30 years and then spew them out into their own relevant sonic language. From the legitimate boredom sound of their Town Centre EP to their lovingly fucked cover of the Human League's "Things That Dreams Are Made Of" to their recent twanged-out 60s thug punk sounding EP, Recruitment, these guys prove punk may not be dead yet, but they can certainly maul it pretty badly if they try.

-Vice magazine


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